Paypal (페이팔) security header is not valid 에러 발생시

오픈카트에서 페이팔 테스트 중에  security header is not valid 에러가 발생하였다.

이런경우에 다음과 같이 하면 해결된다.

/catalog/model/payment/pp_express.php 파일에 아래 코드를 넣어야 함.





그리고 페이팔 계정을 테스트 계정으로 사용시에도
Test(Sandbox) Mode로 놓고 해야한다.

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Paypal Payment Status 종류

Paypal 개발자센터

Payment _status 종류

CREATED – The payment request was received; funds will be transferred once the payment is approved
COMPLETED – The payment was successful
INCOMPLETE – Some transfers succeeded and some failed for a parallel payment or, for a delayed chained payment, secondary receivers have not been paid
ERROR – The payment failed and all attempted transfers failed or all completed transfers were successfully reversed
REVERSALERROR – One or more transfers failed when attempting to reverse a payment
PROCESSING – The payment is in progress
PENDING – The payment is awaiting processing

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